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 Reading Suggestions

The following suggested reading list was provided to our community from the Voorhees Township Public Schools to assist families in selecting books that are age appropriate.  The list is provided by author for the Elementary list and by book for the Middle School.  Middle School has required reading.  The list below represents the choice of books available.  As a courtesy we have provided a link for purchasing the books directly through earoundtown.  


Elementary Schools

Kindergarten  First  Second  Third  Fourth    Middle School

Choose the author to see a series of books available by that author.

Kindergarten going into First Grade First Grade going into Second Grade
Frank Asch  
Margaret Wise Brown  
Joanna Cole  
Donald Crews  
Tana Hoban  
Eric Hill
Pat Hutchins  
James Marshall  
Beatrix Potter  
Dr. Seuss  
Rosemary Wells  
Charlotte Zolotow
Verna Aardema  
Mitsumasa Anno  
Jan and Stan Berenstain  
Norman Bridwell  
Marc Brown  
Marcia Brown  
Eric Carle
Tomie dePaola  
Don Freeman  
Pat Hutchins  
Mercer Mayer  
Bernard Waber  
Judith Viorst
Second Grade going into Third Grade Third Grade going into Fourth Grade
Chris Van Allsburg  
Byrd Baylor  
Clyde Robert Bulla  
Joanna Cole  
Paul Galdone  
Patricia Reilly Giff
Myra Cohn Livingston  
Peggy Parish  
Patricia Polacco  
Jack Prelutsky  
Shel Silverstein  
William Steig
Hans Christian Andersen  
Eloise Greenfield  
Matt Christopher  
Beverly Cleary  
Barbara Cooney  
Judy Delton  
Louise Fitzhugh  
Joanna Hurwitz  
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat  
Robert Kimmel Smith  
Peter Spier  
John Steptoe  
Gertrude Chandler Warner  
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Fourth Grade going into Fifth Grade

Natalie Babbitt  
Betsy Byars  
Roald Dahl  
Sid Fleishman  
Paul Goble  
Virginia Hamilton  
Norma Klein  
Lois Lenski  
C. S. Lewis
Astrid Lindgren  
Patricia MacLachlan  
Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna  
L. M. Montgomery  
Isaac Bashevis Singer  
Ursula K. LeGuin  
Mary Stolz  
Yoshiko Uchida  
E. B. White
Middle School  

Summer Reading Journey 2005 - Required Reading

Sixth Grade - Pick at least one...

Seventh Grade - Pick at least one...

cover Beardance (Avon Camelot Books (Paperback))

Cloyd Atcitty can't forget the horror of seeing a reckless trophy hunter shoot and kill what might have been the last grizzly bear in the Colorado mountains.  He decides to risk his own life to save two helpless cubs. (adventure)

cover Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Seventh grader John "Crash" Coogan is a tough, aggressive bully, until he meets a Quaker boy who makes him consider the meaning of friendship and family. (realistic fiction) **recommended for reluctant readers**

cover The Egypt Game (Yearling Newbery) by Z. Snyder

Strange happening take place at the A-Z Antiques and Curio Shop, where Melanie, April and four friends have their secret meetings. (mystery)  NEWBERRY HONOR BOOK.

cover Into the Land of the Unicorns (Unicorn Chronicles) by Bruce Colville

Book One of The Unicorn Chronicles.  Is an exciting adventure story, a  young girl leaps form a church roof and finds herself in the land of the unicorns. (fantasy)

cover The Schernoff Discoveries by Gary Paulsen

Harold, who is a science whiz, and his best friend try to survive unusual science experiments, attacks by the football team and other dangers of junior high school, in this funny story of friendship. (humor/realistic fiction)  **recommended for reluctant readers**


cover The Big Wander by Will Hobbs

Two brothers travel across the Southwest in search of their favorite uncle and ex-rodeo star, who was last seen in a place called Monument Valley. (adventure)

cover Ella Enchanted (Trophy Newbery) by Gail Levine

A humorous "Cinderella" story about a spunky, clever girl who received a foolish fairy's "gift" of obedience at birth, and goes on a quest to break the curse, surrounded by princes, giants, and fairy godmothers. (fantasy) NEWBERRY HONOR BOOK  **recommended for reluctant readers**

cover Tangerine by Edward Bloor


Paul Fisher, a seventh grade soccer player, who is legally blind, tries to solve the mysteries in his own family life, while also trying to understand why people like his family are willing to live in Tangerine, Florida, an ecological disaster. (realistic fiction)

cover The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 (Yearling Newbery) by Christopher Paul Curtis

The ordinary lives of the Watsons, an African-American family from Flint, Michigan, change drastically after they visit Grandma in the Alabama in the summer of 1963. (humor/historical fiction)  NEWBERRY HONOR BOOK

cover Nobody's There by Joan Lowery Nixon

A fast-reading thriller with plenty of plot twists! Abbie Thompson, who is having a rough year, is punished by a judge for an act of vandalism, and assigned to a volunteer program with elderly women.  When Abbie is paired with Mrs. Merkel, a demanding old woman, she becomes part of a terrifying game of private investigators. (mystery/suspense)


Eighth Grade - Pick at least one...

cover Within Reach: My Everest Story (Nonfiction) by Mark Pfetzer and J. Galvin

Suspenseful true story of 16-year-old Pfetzer who relates his experiences as the youngest climber to attempt to climb Mt. Everest. (nonfiction/memoir)

cover Cold River by William Judson:  

A realistic survival story about a sister and brother, alone in the frozen Adirondack Mountains, who are caught in a terrifying snowstorm, after losing their father. (adventure)

cover Loch : A Novel by Paul Zindel

Fifteen-year-old Loch is a part of an expedition to find out if there are really water creatures and ends up trying to save his loved ones from this monster. (science fiction) **recommended for reluctant readers**

cover The Wanderer by Sharon Creech:  

Thirteen-year-old Sophie sails across the Atlantic Ocean from Connecticut to England on a 45-foot sailboat.  Sophie and her cousin Cody take turns telling the story in a series of journal entries about the dangerous journey on the water and in their lives. (adventure/realistic fiction)  NEWBERRY HONOR BOOK  

cover Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brasheres

This fast-reading book is about four teenage girls, friends since birth, who will be separated for the first time during the summer.  Each character has her own story line, yet they are tied together by a pair of second-hand jeans purchased at a thrift store.  the reader, like the pants, bounces back and forth between their four adventures, and the letters they write one another. (realistic fiction)